Volunteer orientation Day!

Get involved by volunteering!

If you would like to volunteer at HorseSensing contact us by email at info@horsesensing.com

or by phone at 650-776-4313

Volunteer Orientation is happening

February 11th from 11 to 2.

270 Bagdad Road, Shelbyville, KyFeel Free to Join us!
















You can sponsor a HorseSensing horse. This means your contribution goes directly towards supporting the maintenance of one of our program horses. This is an excellent way of supporting HorseSensing.
What would you like to do?
As a volunteer, you can utilize your gifts! Not sure what your gifts are? That's ok too, we'll start with getting you out here.


Your donations will go directly to support our programs to help people get connected to horses and themselves

HorseSensing is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.         Your donations are tax deductible!


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