Corporate/Management Training

Come join us for the most insightful and least boring leadership training you will ever attend. We promise no dark rooms with projected presentations.
We work with companies in innovative ways to transform old issues.  Participants will work and play closely with one or more horses to experience the horse's ability to reveal our strengths, challenges, and styles.

Some examples of what the horses facilitate are:

  • Become more proactive and take initiative more often
  • Learn to effectively and quickly adapt to change
  • Communication Skills; are you saying what you really mean?
  • Commitment  and Motivation 
  • How to manage to the individual while keeping the “big picture” in mind
  • Keeping your humanity in a dog eat dog” environment
  • How to lead from a place of service not ego
  • How to work with insecurities both on the managerial as well as staff level 
  • Being “in the moment” and truly focusing


We tailor each training event to the specific needs of the individual company. We offer one, two and three day intensive trainings. Your company can schedule from 5 to 10 employees.  We also offer specific trainings for managers only. 
Previous horse experience is not necessary. No riding is required.








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